Owner Options

Options for Georgia homeowners going through foreclosure

There are many options available to avoid foreclosure. The best option for you depends on your unique circumstances. If you’re in need of assistance, fill out the Connect With A Foreclosure Professional form and we’ll be in touch to help you navigate your situation. 

Work With An Attorney

Foreclosure is a legal process that should be handled with an experienced attorney. See our list of Georgia foreclosure attorneys by clicking the gavel icon.

Sell Property to An Investor

The benefit of selling your property to an investor is the flexibility they offer homeowners. Benefits often include purchasing in all cash, closing prior to foreclosure auction, or allowing home owners to stay in property.

Sell Property with Realtor

This is considered the traditional home selling approach. It can be effective if you are early in the foreclosure process and your property can easily be prepared for Realtor showings.

For Sale By Owner

Despite the benefit of avoiding Realtor fees, this is generally not recommended without prior experience as a real estate professional due to the time sensitive nature of foreclosure.

Repay Debt

Borrower's in Georgia have the right to reinstate mortgage by paying back full amount owed to lender up to 5 days prior to foreclosure auction.

Work With Your Lender

Lenders have a variety of options to aid homeowners going through foreclosure. The most common options are loan restructuring, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, and short sales.

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